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We are Luca and Mariangela

Delfino Consulting is a project established in February 2020, with the purpose of providing digital marketing consulting, which allows you to meet the right client, at the right time.

Both of us have significant business know-how, because of our past professional experiences, which allows us to imprint a communication strongly aimed at selling the product and/or service.

Our Story

We are two consultants in branding, marketing, product and/or service development and sales, business growth and digital transformation.

Our career began in the 1990s, well before, then, the advent of digital; our desire to always provide support in keeping with the times led us to study and train ourselves on each new technology, and then evaluate its real positive impact on our clients.

In our resumes there are employee experiences, but also important entrepreneurial experiences, and this, certainly, allows us to offer our advice with a different insight. In fact, when we interface with a business, we always consider the pros and cons of investments, just as the owner of the business itself would.

Where we operate and who our customers are.

We work and provide consulting services for companies in Italy, the UK, France, Morocco, and the US.

Our clients range from the professional to the small local business; from the SME who wants to develop the domestic market, to those who prefer to turn their eyes to foreign markets.

Last but not least, we target foreign companies that need to increase their visibility and market share in Italy.

Tailored service

The way we work

For each client, we provide a tailored analysis and communication strategy with the sole purpose of improving brand perception, increasing company awareness, and meeting expectations.

We don’t just provide the services that are requested, we support the business by suggesting any new opportunities should arise in the market and always giving an outside, thus more objective, point of view on how we can best manage business processes in order to optimize the client’s performance.

Why choose Delfino Consulting

Our clients work with us because they know we can help them to achieve their business goals.

Our clients choose us because they know they find in Luca and Mariangela two sincere, transparent and professionally correct interlocutors.

Our clients know that we do not offer our services for profit alone, we offer them because we firmly believe that they are the best solution for the specific client.

Quality and skills at the right price

When we started the Delfino Consulting project, we realized a dream we had all along.

Making digital marketing accessible to all. To professionals and micro-businesses, as well as to more structured companies.

This led us to define an economic offer that allows the small business to not have to go into debt to increase visibility and the SME to be able to have an extra budget to invest in activities that will give a decisive boost to its growth in the market.

Do you have any goals?

Get in touch with us, tell us about your project, and we will implement it.

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