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Delfino Consulting is a project established in February 2020, with the aim of providing, small and medium-sized enterprises with the digital marketing consultant they can trust.

We are two marketing professionals with significant business know-how, because of our past professional experiences, which allows us to imprint a communication strongly directed to the sale of the product and/or service.

Our careers began in the 1990s, well before, then, the advent of digital; our propensity for innovation and our willingness to work, always and in any case, in a context suited to the times, led us to train and study each new technology, and then evaluate its real positive impact.

In our resumes there are employee experiences, but also important entrepreneurial experiences, and this, certainly, allows us to offer our advice with a different insight. In fact, when we interface with a business, we always consider the pros and cons of investments, just as the owner of the business itself would.

We are targeting the small or medium-sized enterprise that does not have a structured marketing division, or that needs a digital marketing manager.

Our job is to define the marketing strategy, to manage and coordinate any other resources active in the marketing department (internal and/or external) in order to achieve the objectives, to manage the operational aspects and coordination with other company apex figures and with any external graphic design and/or advertising suppliers. We take care of analyzing the positioning of the brand and the company, evaluating, if necessary, the redefinition of the brand image and related tone of voice in order to properly reach the target audience.

We target small and medium-sized enterprises that want to increase their market share in the domestic market, or in the following foreign markets: France, Morocco, the United Kingdom, the United States.

We target, also, foreign companies that need to increase their visibility and market share in Italy.

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