Photo shoots, still life photography, video

Do you want to bring value to your company’s products, services and people?
We conduct photo shoots, “still life” photography and we produce videos, handle post production of the shots and editing of the footage.
In a studio or directly at your place.

The strategy

Content is the real difference between a successful digital marketing strategy and a simple communication activity.
We enhance your products, services, and people with photography and videos; we emphasize your brand with post production and editing.

Photography shoots

The photo shoot can be done in the studio, at your company’s premises, or at specific locations that are selected.
Who can or should carry out a photo shoot? Actually anyone who needs to professionally define their image.

Still life photography

Still life represents that area of photography concerned with representing inanimate objects. 
Still life photography, set and non-set, is required by any company that needs to market a product/service.


There is a shift from an image-based communication model to one that increasingly involves video. And this trend is likely to become more entrenched, so it will be increasingly essential to pair good images with valuable video content.

Photo shooting, still life photography and video

The right photographic shot is the result of expertise and technical skills: above all, it is the result of the right intuition, the ability to identify the right detail to emphasize. An effective and successful video, must get to the heart of the potential customer it addresses: in a few moments (seconds or minutes, depending on its use), it must represent the best of the product or service it promotes, using the language that is easily understood.

We conduct photo shoots, in studio and outdoors, to give value to the people who commission us for the shots. We create photo shoots to emphasize your products, identifying their added value and putting them at the center of the shot. We make videos that talk about you, your company, your brand, your story, and your passion for what you do. All in the studio, at your business, or at agreed-upon locations.
Specifically we work:
– Producing photo shoots and still life photography, set and otherwise, for your social, website, e-book or book
– Processing the shots taken, taking care of the post production
– Making videos in different formats and in different ways depending on the social media on which they are to be used
– Optimizing the quality of the footage, taking care of the editing
– Setting up the necessary set at photographic studios, at your company or at locations that will be agreed upon.

This service is only available in Italy.

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