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Do you want to improve your company’s online visibility?
We build your Search Engine Marketing winning strategy together.
We take your business to the top of Google search with the right SEO and link building activities and Google Ads sponsored campaigns.

The strategy

We implement the most effective marketing strategy that allows your site to climb the ranking in Google search results and to reach the right audience, through the right message.

Keyword research

We define the most important keywords in your business’ target industry.
We assess which of these keywords represent the best ranking opportunity for your business, specifically. We also analyze keywords in foreign languages if requested.

Site Audit

We start with the technical analysis of the site, checking its structure and sitemap. We check that the URLs, titles and Meta Descriptions are set correctly.
We analyze the time it takes for pages to open, for content to load, and finally, we work on text and images.

Link building

Search engines also determine the authority of your company’s site based on the backlinks pointing to your site. That is why keyword analysis and site audit, must be followed by a content publishing strategy, which from the outside points to your site.

SEO and Google Ads consulting

Years of experience, daily operation on dozens of sites, each with its own peculiarity, continuous study and training allow us, today, to also help your company to correctly position the website on search engines and to reach the correct target audience, with customized and dedicated messages to individual buying groups.

We provide detailed information about how visitors arrive at your business’ site and how they behave.
Digital acquisition channel analysis also keeps an eye on your conversion rate and tells you how to maximize your digital marketing budget.
Specifically we work:
– Checking search trends
– Analyzing how your competitors are doing
– Identifying the right keywords and ranking your site
– Analyzing the right target for your business and/or brand
– Analyzing through which channels your site acquires traffic
– Analyzing the conversion rate
– Analyzing the most perfomant traffic and conversion sources.

Do you have any goals?

Get in touch with us, tell us about your project, and we will implement it.

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